VinAlert embeddable plugin


Website owners can now embed a vin decoder form into their website, blog or wordpress site.

This page describes the plugin and all the parameters that can be set.

How it works:

The embeddable html iframe produces a VIN entry box to entice your user obtain a VIN Check. When the form is submitted is gives a table with decoded vehicle information and a buy now button containing your Clickbank affiliate link.

SSL and https:

The embeddable html iframe code below works for http but if you need https, then replace with in the src= tag.


HTML Code:

Note: You may adjust the width and height of the iframe.

5 Parameters to add:

Parameter Description Possible Values
cbid REQUIRED. Your clickbank ID Any clickbank ID made of letters and/or numbers. up to 10 characters
tid Optional. Helps you track different campaings or tests inside your clickbank account Letters only. up to 20 characters
theme Required. Changes the color scheme of the input form One of four choices: none, blue, green, orange
hoporbuy Required. This determines what the buy now button will do. Do you want the user to go directly to the credit card page or do you want them to land on VinAlert just link a regular hop? h or b
showprice Required. Adds the price next to the buy now button ($9.99) y or n

The form and iframe are transparent so you are not required to have a white background.

Demo orange theme. Try VIN 4M2ZU52P9XUJ00694

Thank you.



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